Cruising With Baby | with Tracey Mosser

Royal Caribbean Adventure: Baby Travel Tips & Tricks!

Travel Expert, Tracey Mosser, owner of Discovery Destinations Travel Planning, joins Ken of RTE Travel Talk to delve into the topic of “Cruising with a Baby.” Tracey, drawing from her recent cruise experience with a little one, provides invaluable insights and tips for parents considering embarking on a cruise adventure with their infant.

From cruising out of Galveston, TX, to meticulous planning for baby packing, Tracey covers every aspect to ensure a smooth sailing experience for families. She addresses common concerns such as handling a fussy baby onboard and highlights Royal Caribbean International’s nursery programs as a lifesaver for parents seeking some downtime. Moreover, Tracey sheds light on adult-only areas onboard, as well as older child programs, catering to families with varying age groups. Navigating challenges of having a baby in port,

Tracey shares practical tips to make port excursions enjoyable for both parents and baby. The discussion extends to topics like special fares for infants and the necessity of passports for infant travel. Drawing comparisons between cruises and resorts, Tracey offers her expert opinion on which option might be better suited for family travel with a baby.

As the conversation wraps up, Tracey leaves viewers with final advice and essential pointers for a memorable and hassle-free family travel experience. Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or a first-time parent venturing into the world of family travel, this episode is a must-watch for invaluable insights and expert guidance.

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